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Antimicrobial Copper Demonstration

About LuminOre CopperTouch™Established in 2011, LuminOre CopperTouchTM was born out of a desire to use the metalizing technology created by Mr. Tom Valente to provide for an answer to the devastating problem of hospital acquired infections.  Exploring the possibilities of using this technology, Mr. Valente was encouraged by physicians and other medical professionals to research the use of copper in responding to this challenge.  That research led to LuminOre CopperTouch.  Studies have definitively shown a significant reduction in bacteria on solid copper surfaces, and those surfaces have been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as antimicrobial surfaces.  Even though at this time, LuminOre CopperTouch surfaces are not registered with the EPA, and therefore cannot make antimicrobial claims, preliminary studies using the LuminOre copper metal surfaces are extremely promising. The process of required, intensive laboratory testing using GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) has begun in order to receive the registration of the EPA as an antimicrobial surface.  Preliminary results from that testing are very promising, and LuminOre CopperTouch expects the final positive results later in 2013.

What Are LuminOre CopperTouch™ SurfacesLuminOre CopperTouch will be licensed to use the LuminOre Incorporated patented technology. This technology applies a thin layer of real metal quickly and with precision over almost any core material or substrate at a fraction of the cost and weigh of solid metals. Learn more about this revolutionary technology. Learn more