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In August 2015, LuminOre CopperTouch Antimicrobial Surfaces became the only EPA registered, antimicrobial copper surfaces capable of producing a seamless, cold sprayed, layer of real metal (Copper or Copper/Nickel) to any substrate surface.  

The Products

LuminOre CopperTouch Antimicrobial Surfaces are the only EPA registered antimicrobial product which can be seamlessly applied to virtually any surface. This unique product makes coppers natural antimicrobial properties available on items that would be too heavy if made of solid metal and which are now being made with LuminOre CopperTouch Antimicrobial Surfaces at a fraction of the weight and the cost.


LuminOre CopperTouch has developed state of the art techniques to fuse the patented LuminOre CopperTouch Antimicrobial Surfaces to lightweight substrates in sizes, shapes and contours that never before were possible, bringing antimicrobial touch surfaces to customers with healthcare, commercial and consumer applications.

Medical News

LuminOre CopperTouch & Bed Tech

Bed Techs Inc. - First Hospital Bed Manufacture to incorporate LuminOre CopperTouch Antimicrobial Surfaces.

This coalition between Bed Techs and LuminOre CopperTouch will insure hospital beds will now have antimicrobial surfaces as part of an already high-quality product supplied by Bed Techs Inc.

The product is available in two finishes;


Copper, a traditional copper color, and Copper/Nickel, a lighter, whiter version of copper that more closely resembles steel.


Both finishes offer the same antimicrobial properties.



LuminOre CopperTouch ® - The Company

"We are able to bring copper to places

where it's antimicrobial properties are needed most"



Alfred Mitchell, M.D., President and Medical Director


LuminOre CopperTouch was founded by Tom Valente and Alfred Mitchell after Dr. Mitchell became frustrated with the lack of affordable antimicrobial products for use in hospitals and clinics.


LuminOre CopperTouch is a cold-metalizing system that applies a smooth, seamless layer of real antimicrobial metal to any substrate, in any shape or size.


Banishing killer bacteria from hospital beds with the Worlds first antimicrobial hospital bed

Why install antimicrobial copper? Answer: Why not?

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About Copper

Copper has been used for millennia for wound care, disease treatment and sanitation from ancient Egyptians to today. LuminOre CopperTouch Antimicrobial Surfaces advance copper to modern times.

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