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LuminOre CopperTouch was founded by Tom Valente and Alfred Mitchell after Dr. Mitchell became frustrated with the lack of affordable antimicrobial products for use in hospitals and clinics.


LuminOre CopperTouch is a cold-metalizing system that applies a smooth, seamless layer of real antimicrobial metal to any substrate, in any shape or size. 


In August 2015, LuminOre CopperTouch surfaces became the first and only EPA registered antimicrobial copper that forms a seamless layer on almost any surface.


The company is currently developing a line of antimicrobial products ranging from computer mice and telephone handsets to door knobs and drawer pulls. These products will be used where bacteria are known to colonize.


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  • The future of the technology


  • R&D for wound care


  • Testing of additional organisms


  • R&D for infection control



LuminOre CopperTouch - About Us

The Founders

About the Founders



Alfred T. Mitchell, M.D.


Dr. Mitchell received his medical degree from the University of California in San Diego, where he also completed his Burn Fellowship, internship and residency training in General Surgery. He completed Research Fellowships in Burns, Basic Science and Wound Healing at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. In 2000, Dr. Mitchell completed a Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at Southern Illinois University in Springfield Illinois. In 2003, he completed a Plastic Surgery Residency program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey.



Dr. Mitchell is an established researcher and renowned clinician. His areas of clinical interest includes, Hand and Wrist trauma, Microsurgery, Burn Surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Wound healing and MRSA infections. He has researched and co-authored many publications, abstracts and given presentations on these subjects.


Currently, Dr. Mitchell's main focus is on patient safety during the peri-operative period and advanced surgical and reconstructive treatment of major infections and traumatic hand injuries. He currently works with Hospitals, Schools and Industries across the country on developing protocols for the treatment of MRSA and other microbial infections.


Tom Valente


Tom Valente is an inventor and entrepreneur who has worked in the industry for over 50 years. After leaving the Air Force, Tom began a custom furniture business where he quickly discovered the need for a liquid metal coating that could be easily applied. Mr. Valente became passionate about antimicrobial surfaces when a close family member was diagnosed with a hospital acquired MRSA infection.


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