Efficacy of Commercially Available Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces...

Background: The demand for novel approaches for prevention of hospital-associated infections (HAIs) has recently focused on intrinsically antimicrobial surfaces such as copper. We assessed the bactericidal activity for common nosocomial pathogens of various copper surfaces over time in comparison to stainless steel . #antimicrobialcopper #AntimicrobialNews #HealthcareInfections #HAI #Copper #AntimicrobialCopper #Infections #MRSA #Antimicrobial

Fluorescent Marker May Help Improve Cleanliness of Hospital Surfaces Posted on May 14, 2016

Dr. Messina: In our study we suggested how to implement fluorescent marker with bioluminescence and microbiological methods. The use of one of these procedures should not exclude the others, since each analyses different aspects of the operations required to achieve environmental cleanliness. LuminOre CopperTouch Surfaces have a built in marker that develops a tarnished surface if not properly cleaned. There is no question that this marker develops because of inadequate cleaning. #HAI #HealthcareInfections #AntimicrobialNews #antimicrobialcopper #Copper #AntimicrobialCopper #Infections #MRSA #Antimicrobial #Halo #Superbugs

Health Buzz: Copper Kills MRSA at a Touch

Researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom believe they've found a way to stop MRSA – an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that can be fatal – from spreading via touching and fingertip-contaminated surfaces. They're betting on copper. #antimicrobialcopper #Copper #HAI #AntimicrobialNews #AntimicrobialCopper #Infections #MRSA #HealthcareInfections #Antimicrobial #Halo #Superbugs


The so-called "nosocomial" infections have prompted two of the Central American gateway nation's largest medical associations to briefly suspend the treatment of patients at the vast, 1,321-bed Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital in Panama City, and a hospital physician has charged its director with "wrongful death" for not doing more to control the infections when informed about them. According to a trusted source in Panama, the infections are the result of substandard conditions at the Metropolitan Hospital Complex, including a lack of hygiene and overcrowding at the hospital, which serves hundreds of thousands of the poorest Panamanians each year... #HealthcareInfections #AntimicrobialNews #HAI

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