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Bacterial Copper - How it is used

LuminOre Copper Touch bactericidal copper surfaces create a new standard for cutting-edge product development and customization. Our alloys' manufacturability combined with beautiful aesthetics are ideal for innovative designers and manufacturers. 


Our alloys are not only unsurpassed in bactericidal action, but also in flexibility of design and applications. CuVerro is offered in a variety of forms, finishes, colors, and tempers.


  • Available in strip, sheet, rod, tube, foil or ingot to be easily integrated into production and manufacturing.

  • Can be deep drawn, extruded, stamped and cut, cast forged, welded, brazed, etched.

  • Available in several colors including rose and white bronze.

  • Families of copper nickel, nickel silver, brass, bronze, aluminum bronze, silicone bronze, and more.


While surfaces made with CuVerro® beautifully enhance any setting, they stand out in sustainability too. Made from recyclable materials, our medical-grade alloys are strong, durable, easy-to-clean, low on maintenance, and corrosion resistant. So not only is CuVerro a Victory for HandsTM, but it’s a victory for the environment too.


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